Kincade Productions has produced this one of a kind course that gives step-by-step direction on how to break into film productionHow To Be A Successful Film Production Assistant is a five-course online video series that bridges the gap from dreaming of working in the film and video industry to working on a set—anywhere in the United States. 

This Series gives real information on how to “get in” including where the work is, how to find it, how to get that first client and exactly what will be expected of them as a production assistant. Robin and other Producers, Directors, Directors of Photography, Assistant Directors, Event Producers, Art Directors, Location Professionals and other Production Assistants share the inside story of what it takes to break-in and move up in this business.

“There are plenty of websites that promise to teach “soft skills” but when it comes to this industry I have not been able to find anything that talks about the real-life expectations of working on a set. This course is full of interviews with real industry people, all who have either started as a PA or have worked their way up the ladder. The information presented is as close to real life as you can get without physically being on a set. I can’t recommend these courses enough and am so excited for my colleagues to share this curriculum with their classes as well.”– Katie McQuone, Milken Educator Of The Year, 2019, Sunnyside High School, Fresno, California