Information from the First Annual Arts, Media, and Entertainment Coalition Meeting

Otis School of Art and Design’s Extension Program Announces a Tuition Waiver for AME Teachers

New this Term! The Tuition Waiver Program – Free to CTE AME teachers throughout California!
Spring Semester begins February 16
AS CTE AME teachers, you are now eligible to take Extension courses, tuition free (participants are responsible for the $30 registration/student insurance fee, any lab fees, and materials/supplies)
In addition to numerous art and design courses, we offer Art Education courses, such as Teaching for Learning and Community Arts in LA.
Check out courses here:
Courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early. Classes need to be running and there needs to be space in the class (participants are notified of acceptance approximately 48 hours prior to the class start). Applicants must obtain a letter confirming current FULL-TIME or CTE AME employment status on school or district letterhead, signed by a supervising school or district administrator.

Music Forward Foundation’s Free Spring Programming

Take advantage of Music Forward’s industry sessions, office hours, online tutorials, open mic events, and more!

Apply for CSSSA’s Summer Arts Program

For teens who love to create, the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) application is now live for Summer 2021! The Arts Program provides students with a unique opportunity to experience a broad range of possibilities within the world of animation. From fine art to digital animation, this program encourages students to explore their potentials, and bring movement to their artwork through an intense and rigorous curriculum. CSSSA is committed to running a robust program this summer, either in-person or virtual, as State and LA County restrictions allow.

CLICK HERE to visit the CSSSA website, view the application instructions, and apply online today.

Adobe’s Free Distance Learning Resources & Project Ideas

Whether your school routinely supports distance learning or is facing unexpected closures, Adobe has assembled free resources and learning opportunities to help educators engage remote students through online learning and projects designed for distance and virtual teaching. Access free distance learning lessons, projects, resources, and activities for primary, middle, or secondary school students and teachers. Use lessons, projects, and activities for college and university faculty and students who are distance teaching or learning. And, see how artists, teachers, and students amplify their creative voice for racial equality and social justice

CLICK HERE to access resources.

United Talent Agency’s 2021 Summer Internship Program

UTA’s Summer Internship Program exposes Interns to a wide variety of business practices in the field of entertainment. Interns receive formal instruction on the fundamentals of the talent agency business and how to work within it. The skills learned and relationships built during the program are meant to springboard interns to join the Agent Training Program and a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Students actively enrolled in a four-year undergraduate or graduate program who have at least Sophomore standing in undergraduate studies are eligible. There are no restrictions on declared majors, degree programs, or course of study.

UTA’s Summer Internship Program is an 8-week internship program with a tentative start date in June 2021. The application deadline is December 17, 2020, so start your application today!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the program and apply.

Snapchat’s Million Dollar Spotlight Contest

Submit your best video Snaps to Spotlight for the opportunity to earn a share of more than $1 million that we’re making available to creators every day! All you need is a Snapchat account and an idea. Get creative and participate for your chance to share your artistic voice and win the prize!

CLICK HERE to see the Spotlight submission guidelines.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Spotlight.

Nickelodeon’s Animation 101 YouTube Series

Nickelodeon’s YouTube series Animation 101 details the basic mechanics of animation, the Nick studio experience, and more. This channel has the tools you need to explore and learn animation and related careers. With videos like Animation Pre-Production Explained in Less than 5 Minutes, How We Make 3D Cartoons, and How to Work at Nickelodeon, you’ll get an inside look at how Nickelodeon’s shows came to be and how you can start working toward an animation career.

CLICK HERE to check out Animation 101

CLICK HERE to subscribe to the Nick Animation YouTube channel

Find Creative Jobs, Internships, and Workshops with the Pipelines Mobile App

PIPELINES is a mobile app that connects underrepresented talent ages 15+ to hard-to-find career and training opportunities tech, entertainment, and creative industries. Our goal is to provide more accessible opportunities to develop and hone their talents so we can start to see talented people in these industries that actually reflect the diversity of the real world.


Looking for a job, internship, or workshop in tech, creative, or entertainment industries? Click here to download the Pipelines App and create a profile today!

Teaching with Film: Free Curriculums and Teaching Materials

Journeys in Film is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that amplifies the storytelling power of film to educate the most visually literate generation in history. This organization transforms entertainment media into educational media by designing and publishing cost-free, educational resources for teachers to accompany carefully chosen feature films and documentaries while meeting mandated standards in all core subjects. Selected films are used as springboards for lesson plans in subjects like math, science, language arts, social studies and more.

Journeys in Film’s programs engage students in meaningful examinations of human rights, poverty and hunger, stereotyping and racism, environmental issues, global health, immigration, and gender roles.  Our teaching methods are successful in broadening perspectives, teaching for global competency, encouraging empathy and building new paradigms for best practices in education.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Teaching with Film and Journeys in Film

CLICK HERE to access the latest curriculum for the film Just Mercy