The California Arts, Media, and Entertainment Educator Organization (CA-AME-EO)

CA-AME-EO will serve as a forum for idea exchange and industry updates that are of interest or benefit to its members. We hope to create an organization that members can access at their own comfort level but one that can also be called on to:

  1. Raise its collective voice when issues of common interest present themselves (i.e., Standards Revision, CTE Funding legislation, teacher certification requirements, Departmental funding inequities, etc.
  2. To provide Career focused professional learning support for AME pathway and sub-pathway teachers and administrators
  3. Provide a regular forum for teacher-to -teacher interaction on topics identified by its members

Coming April 29th!

Teaching Entrepreneurship in the AME Classroom

All artists are entrepreneurs. Now more than ever, AME students need to approach their careers with an entrepreneurial mindset. But how do AME teachers embed entrepreneurial skills into their curriculum, and how do they inspire the drive that it takes to approach your career in this way? Join Rachel Lynn Karry, co-founder and President of World Artists United and Miguel Valenti, head of Entrepreneurship at Otis College of Art and Design, for a robust conversation about entrepreneurship in the AME classroom.

2021 CA-AME-EO Professional Learning Calendar

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There will be 9 CA-AME-EO professional learning events in 2021. Each event will run about two hours and will include a thematic general session for all AME teachers followed by community of practice breakout meetings focused on pathway-specific content, resources, and support.

  • January 29: Pivot
  • February 26: Human Centered Design for AME Teachers
  • March 25: The Business of Talent Representation
  • April 29: Teaching Entrepreneurship in the AME Classroom
  • May 27: Soft Skills and the Future of Work
  • August- December- Dates and Topics TBD

CSUSM will be offering 2 units of credit for teachers who attend all 9 events for $199. Click here to learn more.

The CA-AME-EO Communities of Practice include:

Graphic Design/Visual/Commercial Art

Professional Theatre/Stage Technology

Professional Music, Sound, Music Production

Professional Dance and Choreography

Film/Video and Multimedia Broadcast

Animation/Media Arts/Game Design


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