High Tech High and the California Department of Education have created this free professional learning community for twenty teams of educators to grow and share equity-focused project-based learning.

With the support of an HTH Team Mentor, PBL Leadership Academy teams will design personalized Leadership Projects to address a question that speaks to their authentic needs. Teams create and pursue their own questions—which this year, will include the following:

  • How might we develop a curriculum that engages each and every one of our students in deeper learning—and will work via distance learning and in person, when we return to school?
  • How might we bring together the best elements of both Career Technical Education and traditionally “academic” teaching and learning?
  • How can we create more hands-on and minds-on projects?
  • How might we design and lead a professional learning program that will invite more of our teachers to join in PBL?

The PBL Leadership Academy community brings together teachers, Ed Specialists, CTE leaders, EL coordinators, professional learning coaches, curriculum developers, school and district administrators, and more.

Learn More at: https://hthgse.edu/professional_learning/pbl-leadership-academy/