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Since launching their education YouTube channel earlier this year, Adobe has added over 500 videos that have gotten more than 2 million views from educators. Subscribe to stay up to date with new tutorials, talks, and Education Exchange course videos uploaded each week.

Adobe Spark + Google Classroom and Drive

Product Integration! Students can now submit projects from Adobe Spark directly to Google Classroom, and they can also save directly to Google Drive.

Adobe’s Newest Blog Post

Adobe unveiled its readability research partnerships. Find out how Adobe is empowering readability research with other organizations and institutions, and learn about Liquid Mode — a feature in Acrobat Reader that makes it easier to read PDFs on mobile.

Lesson Plan: Screen Time, InDesign

In this lesson from expert teacher Michael Cohen, students learn about screen time, analyze their own screen time, and use InDesign to create a visual presentation.

Lesson Plan: Cartoon Remix with Adobe Spark

This lesson from expert teacher Greg Kulowiec has students use Spark Video to create a remix of a political cartoon.

Higher Ed Project: Professional Career ePortfolio

This project from Erin McCormick and Mani Stubbs at Montana State University has students use Portfolio or Spark to create an ePortfolio that highlights their internships and experiences.`

Analyze a Music Video with Adobe Spark

This project from Max Suechting at Stanford University has students use Spark Video to analyze and develop an argument about a music video.

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